Our company is a creative studio that specialises in making compelling animations and illustrations. We have a mission to take complex concepts and translate them into visuals that are accessible, effective and above all, of the highest artistic and entertainment value, in league with the very best of creative studios internationally. We pay extraordinary attention to details, match our clients’ purpose with play, and provide personalised services that are highly adaptable. Our company does not just want to create a strong impact on different audiences. We aim to continue to present new ways of thinking – Ultimately, pioneering interesting and fresh perspectives of the world we live in.


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Benefits at ASFPL

We cater to a number of first-time borrowers who aspire to live in their own homes. Our customers comprise the base of India’s socioeconomic pyramid – the daily wage laborer, local tradesmen, domestic assistants, cooks, garage mechanics, shop-floor workers, teastalltea stall vendors, vegetable vendors, among others. They are mostly self-employed individuals belonging to the informal income segment, and not served by the formal financial system. Mostly running small businesses.